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     Welcome to Van Buren's Offical Future Business Leaders of America Web Site. We are glad you came. This site is intended to encourage youth to join their local FBLA chapters, to show the general public exactly what FBLA is about, and for the interest of Van Buren students, parents, and educators.

     Our organization is growing rapidly. We are proud of the work done by our members and advisers. Our advisers are Ms. Kelley Todd and Mr. Gary Boyle. Van Buren's FBLA is headed by the chapter officers. They are as follows:

President Brian Corbell, Vice President Brad Thompson, Secretary Tara Sivilay, Treasurer James Crabtree, Reporter Justin Payton, Parliamentarian Dustin Jeremiah, Representative Colleen Angus, and Ex-Officio Officer Laura Winn.

     Van Buren FBLA is proud to be associated with Arkansas State Future Business Leaders of America and National Future Business Leaders of America.

     As the school year progresses, we will continue to update the site as necessary. Please continue checking back with us to see what new and exciting things Van Buren FBLA is up to!

     Please feel free to e-mail us with any suggestions or sign the guestbook. You can also view the guestbook to see what others are saying about Van Buren FBLA.

     This site is best viewed with Netscape 3.0 or higher. If our site appears different than should be expected, please consider downloading a more recent browser or changing the font size so that the entire page may be viewed.

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